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16 - 25/06/2017

miniatura pomnika
Galleryminiatura pomnika "Stary Marych" od rodziny Kulczyk

You are more than welcome to join the third Auction for Malta Festival Poznań on LIberty Square! 

On Thurdays, June 22nd at 9 p.m. just before the concert of the Dylan.pl  band, you are invited to bid for another items from the artists. 

1) Mini version of Stary Marych statue donated by the Kulczyks family

2) Gerda's dream by Izabela Gustowska

3) Private dance class with prof. Ewa Wycichowska

The Auction is also available on charytatywni.allegro.pl: over 50 artist and people of art donated altogether almost a hundred items for Poznań Malta Festival.