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16 - 25/06/2017

Malta Festival tells stories unaccounted for in other places. Two projects by a Serbian artist, Milica Tomić will open for viewing today. Her project Sans Souci: Four Faces of Omarska calls for remembrance of the concentration camp in Omarska. Currently the campsite is a location of an industrial complex owned by ArcelorMittal. For years the company has been discriminating against the rights of non-Serbian employees and has been making it impossible to properly maintain the remembrance of the painful history of the site. In The Container artist comes back to November 2001, when in Northern Afghanistan thousands of Taliban fighters were loaded onto trucks and placed in sealed in containers. When they started begging for oxygen, the soldiers cooperating with United States Army fired at the containers “to make air-holes”. Milica Tomić investigates the conditions in which the shots fired at the steel containers occurred during reconstructions of the events. Various countries produce various scenarios, thanks to which The Container becomes a tool for showcasing the geopolitical landscape of modern war. Both projects will be presented at Art Stations gallery. A meeting with Milica Tomić will take place today at the gallery at 18.00. Admission is free!