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16 - 25/06/2017


The performative program of the Balkans Platform will be supplemented with film screenings chosen by the curators of Malta Festival Poznań 2017. On the courtyard of the Ballet School at ul. Gołębia in Poznan we will see unique examples of Yugoslavian Black Wave – an avant-garde cinema movement in the countries of former Yugoslavia in 1960s and 1970s. 

The program includes films of its main representative, the Serbian director Želimir Žilnik, including Młode lata [Young Years] – a story of people who took part in a student’s demonstration in Belgrad in 1968 r, an anti-war satire Dupa z marmuru [Ass of marble] or Raj [Paradise]. An Imperialistic tragicomedy about a financial crisis in a multinational corporation. A meeting with the director on 20 June will be chaired by Jakub Majmurek.

There will be screenings of films from other artists of the movement: the surrealist, anarchist and satirist of modernity Dušan Makavejev; Aleksander Petrovic, Živojin Pavlovic and the representative of the Czech film school in Yugoslavia Rajko Grlic and Goran Markovic.

In anticipation for the Laibach concert we invite you to enjoy documentaries about the group. Liberation Day which will be presented in Poland for the first time. Several weeks before the Polish premiere of the film on T-Mobile New Horizons festival we will get the chance to find out about the performance of Laibach in North Korea – a country which normally shields its citizens from the influence of Western culture. While the film Divided States of America tells the story of the band’s tour in 2004, directly after the presidential elections won by G. W. Bush.

Malta program also includes a review of films by Andriej Tarkowski – It will be a first ever screening of his films in Poland in digital quality. We will watch the series Artyści [Artists] and films about refugees (Obcy w raju [Stranger in Paradise], Fuocoammare. Ogień na morzu [Fire on the see], Dobry listonosz [Good postman]). We will also conduct discussions. On 18 June we will meet with the creators of the series “Artists”, and on 21 June we will talk with Jerzy Illg and Tadeusz Sobolewski about the work of Tarkowski.