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16 - 25/06/2017

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski

We invite you to see the performances of actors representing various generations and theatre languages. The stage on Liberty Square will be graced by: Danuta Stenka, Mirosława Żak, Jan Peszek, Mariusz Bonaszewski and Maciej Buchwald. You will be able to see the legendary Scenariusz dla nieistniejącego, lecz możliwego aktora instrumentalnego (Script for the non-existent, but possible instrumental actor) performed by Jan Peszek. Danuta Stenka in her humorous reading of Życie jest bajką (Life is a fairy-tale) will tell us “how hard it is to be a woman”. Mirosława Żak in her literary stand-up Wielcy inni. Jezus, Gombrowicz, Osiecka (Great others: Jesus, Gombrowicz, Osiecka) will reveal the human faces of famous figures. Mariusz Bonaszewski will present selected monologues from Shakespeare’s plays and tell us about the challenges presented to the stage by the Bard. Paweł Passini will accompany him on the clarinet. Buchwald Buchwald is a dialog by Maciej Buchwald with himself and the audience.

Admission to all monodramas is free of charge!

Read more on: http://malta-festival.pl/pl/program/generator/plac-na-jednego-aktora