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16 - 25/06/2017


Malta Festival Poznan joins the movement of the Young Culture. Below we present a manifest and postulates.

Manifesto of Independence Culture

We do not represent any party or ideology. There are different political, aesthetic and philosophical views, place of residence and social status. We are connected by the idea of ​​an independent, free, open, empowering culture of diversity.

Polish culture is such as are Poles: right and left, conservative and avant-garde, patriotic and cosmopolitan, Christian and secular. It can not be reduced to the tool of any political or philosophical option. Culture - just like democracy - is a space of dialogue in the spirit of respect for freedom and diversity. And when democracy is at risk, it becomes a depositary of values.

For many years politicians in Poland have tried to exclude from the public circulation of independently thinking creators, using economic, organizational and religious pressure. Thus, they deprive Poles of their freedom of choice and access to culture.

Attempts to subdue the culture of this or that other worldview option strike in all: living today and those who will come after us. We are responsible for the inheritance that we will leave to future generations. A nation deprived of access to open and diverse culture loses its capacity for dialogue and critical thinking, becoming vulnerable to manipulation.

We will not tolerate it.

We will fight for Polish culture. On the pages of books, in the press, on the cinemas, on theatrical and stage stages, in galleries, on the Internet and on television, in public spaces, wherever we meet with audiences, listeners and readers.

We start our educational and artistic activities since announcing the civic celebrations of the centenary of independence of the Republic. The UNCLEAN CULTURE movement celebrates this anniversary far from political and propaganda. We will be present throughout Poland: in cities, towns and villages, where people believe in the power and importance of culture.

We, the people of art, artists and artists, animators, cultural participants, to defend the right of every citizen to unrestricted use of cultural property, we call the movement CULTURE UNCLEAN.