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16 - 25/06/2017

project: Bękarty
Galleryproject: Bękarty

We meaning who? – identification of Malta Festival Poznań 2017

„We the People” these words – uttered by Lech Wałęsa on 15 November 1989 at the United States Congress – referred to the first line of the Constitution of the United States of America and they were an important declaration of affinity to the values of the democratic society, in which the voice of every individual citizen counts. The visual identification of this year’s Malta invites a re-reading of the meaning of these words. Its main motifs are words establishing community: “We the People”, “We the Balkans”, “We the East”, “We the Europe”, ”We the Others”. The gesture of striking out does not mean negation, but rather a questioning of their totalising character. Pairs of concepts may be interpreted in various ways. They can complete one another and thus help define communal identity or be mutually antagonistic. The current social and political reality builds information buzz, that is why we want to examine their meaning in the Polish and European context and talk about identity, otherness and reliving already experienced history.