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16 - 25/06/2017

The Spokesman of the Government, Rafał Bochenek, when asked on a press conference on Monday (5.06.2017r.) whether the reason for the withholding of the funding for Malta Festival was the figure of the director of “The Curse” Oliver Frljic, responded that “perhaps the conditions of the completion have changed and the applicant did not meet the formal requirements, therefore such funding couldn't be granted”.

We wish to inform that Malta Foundation met all the formal requirements for the signing of the update for this year’s 27th edition of Malta Festival, and the rules of the completion could not have been changed, because it was resolved in spring 2016. The actual program of Malta Festival Poznań 2017 is compliant with the one submitted and evaluated favourably in the grant application for the ministerial competition announced in 2015 entitled “Artistic event. Theatre and dance”, which concluded with the signing of a contract dated 7 June 2016 with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for funding for Malta Festival Poznań 2017 in the amount of PLN 300 000. Thus, the Ministry accepted the person of Oliver Frljic for the post of the curator of Malta Festival along with the remaining elements of the program.
So far Malta has not received any official stance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage regarding the withholding of the funding. 

We attach proof in the form of scanned copies of some of the documents submitted to the Ministry by Malta Foundation: application submitted in November 2015 and an update submitted in February 2017