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16 - 25/06/2017

Żelazne Waginy
GalleryŻelazne Waginy

The 27th edition of the Festival will be launched with a bike and orchestra parade, Bike Bands Opening, led by Łukasz L.U.C Rostkowski. On the 16 June at 19:00 on Adam Mickiewicz Square, after a short performance by a Romani Orchestra we will jump on platforms and bikes, to set out on our 6 kilometre route carried by the rhythms of funky, folk and hip-hop with Rebel Babel Ensamble, Słupca Orchestra, Koło Orchestra, Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura and the drummer Maciej Mustafa Giżejewski. During the grand finale of the parade we will enjoy a concert of all orchestras and soloists: Bisz and Bovska. Admission to Bike Bands Opening and the musical finale on Liberty Square is free of charge!

During the following days Malta Generator will be bustling with life and vibrating with sound. Bob Dylan fans can’t miss the Dylan.pl concert - a project by Filip Łobodziński, which will reveal the new faces of the legendary singer and poet, last year’s laurate of the Noble Prize for Literature. Tymon & The Transistors from the Tricity will present the material from their album Zatrzymaj wojnę! [Stop the war!]. The album includes anti-war compositions, written by Bułat Okudżawa, Włodzimierz Wysocki or the band Republika. Żelazne Waginy [Iron Vaginas], i.e. the all-female band from Pożar w Burdelu [Fire in the Brothel], will present the story of the birth of female punk, while Arkadiusz Jakubik a.k.a. Dr Misio will sweep us from our feet with his excellent texts and charismatic personality.
Weekend nights will be reserved for Silent Discos, without which the festival would be difficult to imagine. We especially can’t wait for 17/18 June, when we will be entertained by Michał Nogaś, Agnieszka Obszańska and Agnieszka Szydłowska, as well as the much loved NOS.
For the festival finale we’ve planned an encounter with a legend of industrial music, the Slovenian group Laibach who will play an open-air concert accompanied by l’Autunno Orchestra under the baton of Simon Dvoršak. This will be a Polish premiere of their project The Sound of Music. It will take place on 24 June in Wieniawski Park at 22:00. Admission is free!