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16 - 25/06/2017

fot. Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryfot. Maciej Zakrzewski

What is the result of the equation: children + urban space? The curators of the Children at Liberty program have been proving for years that there might be an infinite number of solutions, because kids’ imagination is indefinite. This year we are jumping in cannonball style right into the middle of the festival program. We will make a proper racket, mix things up, get in a tangle and make everyone’s tummies rumble, because Children are at Liberty at Malta Festival!

Together with the invited artists, children will enter the world of sounds, movement, images, foods and words and they will discover tools for their own peaceful conquest of the world. Humans of Aleppo and the Cirrus Ferrus collective will inspire primary school children to create projects dedicated to peaceful co-existence. The grand finale of the event will be a Manifest-action, during which we will sing out and stomp out a pacifist song.

On weekends Blum Theatre and their play “You and me” will show us what is like when “I” meets “the other”, while Maja Brzozowska will introduce us to film-stories of extraordinary children, which will then be used as artistic material for workshops about change and courage. Children will also have the opportunity to have a first try at negotiations during the workshop prepared by Czytogruszka.

Liberty Square will have a workshop space perfect for experiencing all sorts of fun including a pile of fairy-tales, a tub of fancy-dress costumes, large-format board games, a teepee, a canopy and many other elements. The Children at Liberty Zone will be open everyday under the watchful eyes of animators equipped with endless recipes for great fun!