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16 - 25/06/2017

photo K. Schubert
Galleryphoto K. Schubert

Public Tricks is a project in which we translate "adult" art into a public space for a creative experiment for children. Together with a dozen young people visiting the AMICI Sociotherapy Club at the Lech housing estate in Poznan from 5 October for 5 weeks we will explore the environment, test relations with neighbors and passersby, and intervene in blocks between the blocks with its imperceptible at first glance. As a starting point and inspiration we accept artistic and performative works that have entered the canon of art in a public space and engaging relations between the local community and the place. We will test on our own Paweł Althamer "Brudno 2000", Iza Rutkowska "Hedge" and Nespoon "Urban Jewelery".

The territory for the experiment will be the Poznan blockade - an architectural microcosm that explores new possibilities and tools that are not available in the dense downtown environment. This space, on the one hand, "domesticated", is a common, closed behind the secure wall of buildings, revealing itself in squares, alleys, parks, sidewalks, squares, bazaars and, on the other hand, large and majestic enough to be felt in it. Using different creative tactics we will give children a voice: Together with them we will look at the space of the estate from their perspective, we will tamed its unexplored and wild elements, and we will also develop new ties with our neighbors and neighbors. The project is a bold attempt to create a space for dialogue between the inhabitants and the inhabitants and its young regulars. It will also help us with imagination and creative expression, because after all, talking about important things does not always need serious means!

Host: Zofia Małkowicz, Elżbieta Niewiadomska
Concept: Maja Brzozowska, Elżbieta Niewiadomska, Joanna Pańczak

The project is part of the "Viewer School" program implemented by the Malta Foundation, financed by the Poznań City Hall.