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16 - 25/06/2017

Michał Łuczak
GalleryMichał Łuczak

For over 10 year we’ve been enjoying the cooperation with Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, who is organising the Old Brewery New Dance project. During this year’s edition of the festival we meet in practice and practice meetings – curators, choreographers, artists and audiences from all over the world.

This year at the Old Brewery we follow the steps of Yanka Rudzka – a famous Polish choreographer considered one of the most important modern dancers. The source material for Zaczyn is composed of unstylized traditional dances: Polish oberek, Brazilian samba de pé and their accompanying narrations. During the festival you will have the opportunity to take part in the first Polish symposium on the work of Yanka Rudzka, which will be attended by Lia Robatto, the dancer’s assistant and soloist as well as Professor Maria Claudia Alves Guimarães, a researcher of Rudzka’s life.

The program of Old Brewery New Dance on Malta also includes the play Everything You have is Yours? about the complicated Israeli identity, as well as the project Matki ze stali [Mothers of Steel], the theme of which is crying in performative situation. We also recommend the Choreographic Think Tank project devoted to the practices, strategies and tools developed in modern dance. The project will include Polish premieres of performative lectures walk+talk as well as the Nobody’s Business meetings devoted to the local and international exchange of practices and international exchange of practices and methods in performative arts. The youngest viewers are invited to enjoy the installation-play Dookoła [Around], which is co-produced by Malta.

Joanna Leśnierowska is the curator of the Old Brewery New Dance program, while the co-author of this year’s edition is Mateusz Szymanówka.