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16 - 25/06/2017

Dear Friends of Culture,
the fundraiser for Malta Festival Poznan 2017 is on . Initially we set the threshold for amount we wanted to raise at PLN 50 000. We hoped that despite their media statements, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage will meet their end of the deal and transfer the PLN 300 000 grant. Unfortunately on 9 June Professor Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture, issued a statement , in which he clearly declares that he will not transfer the funds. Therefore, we decided to increase the target amount of the fundraiser, which will be comprised of the contributions of everyone who cares about Malta Festival.

We believe that in a democratic country such as Poland, everyone has the right to decide what kind of art they wish to be confronted with and to express their own views about it. Moreover everyone is entitled to expect the authorities to respect that right.

Dear Friends,
During the 27th edition of Malta Festival Poznań we are planning 290 events, to which admission will be mostly free. We will give you the opportunity to experience the works of 580 artists and activists from 20 countries. We will be roaming around the "Balkans Platform" with artists whose roots trace back to the countries of former Yugoslavia and cast a critical look at modern Europe. Once again the usually sleepy Liberty Square will become the relentlessly bustling Malta Generator. [WATCH THE BALKANS PLATFORM VIDEO]

We want this year’s edition to continue the 27-year tradition of the festival: to be open to diversity and dialogue through art; to be a meeting place for 70 000 viewers and most important artists of global theatre (previously the festival was graced by: Romeo Castellucci, Tim Etchells, Pippo Delbono, Forced Entertainment, Rimini Protokoll, Michael Nyman, Elvis Costello, Portishead and others).

We need you to make it happen. 

So far Malta Festival could count on the financial support of state and local authorities. Last year we signed a contract with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for a grant of  300 thousand zloty for the organisation of this year's edition. The Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture Professor Piotr Gliński himself signed under the program principles and the names of the curators: Oliver Frljic and Goran Injac. However, for several months now Professor Piotr Gliński has been informing the public that due to the figure of the Festival curator, Oliver Frljic, he will withhold the grant to which Malta is entitled. [Find out the facts]

A several hundred thousand zloty hole in the budget of a non-profit organization such as Malta Foundation - the organiser of Malta Festival Poznań - at the stage of advanced preparations for the festival is quite a blow. Therefore, we invite you to take part in our crowdfunding action for Malta Festival Poznań 2017. We hope that with your help we will organise the festival we planned. Every gesture of solidarity will mobilise us to work harder. The funds received from you will go towards the production of events at Malta Generator on Liberty Square.

If values such as freedom, tolerance, creativity and responsibility for the world we live in are close to your hearts, go on and BECOME A MINISTER OF CULTURE.AWARD YOUR GRANT.

The fundraiser at wspieramkulture.pl was set up as one of an array of gestures of solidarity with Malta Festival and it is a response to the unsettling statements made by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage about withholding the funding for the festival. There was an earlier initiative of a known Polish animator and drawer Mariusz Wilczyński who initiated an auction for “Malta”. His appeal has already been answered by 50 artists and prominent figures in culture, who donated works of art. and valuable objects to the auction.