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16 - 25/06/2017


Yesterday went away Janusz Głowacki. It seemed that it would always be - for the culture, the readers, the public, as one who, with his talent, penetrating and irony, could disarm the world. He was a prose writer, playwright, screenwriter, columnist and above all a key figure in Polish contemporary literature.

He was born in 1938 in Poznań. He studied acting at PWST in Warsaw, history and Polish studies at Warsaw University. In 1964-1982 he collaborated with "Kultura". At the same time, he began working as a scriptwriter. Man with Hope ", Marek Piwowski (" The Cruise "), Janusz Morgenstern (" You have to kill this love "). In 1981 he left Poland. For many years he had mixed up in New York where he lectured at Columbia University. Many of his articles appeared in the New York Times. His most famous pieces include: "Cinderella", "Fortynbras get drunk", "Fourth Sister" and "Antigone in New York", has been exhibited on many scenes around the world. In recent years, he has released "From the Head" (2004), "Good Night, Djerzi" (2010), "Sonia, She Wants Too Much" (2011) and essays on the film about Lech Wałęsa "I came here, or as I wrote the script about Lech Wałęsa for Andrzej Wajda "(2013).

Janusz Głowacki in May this year as one of the first responded to the appeal of Mariusz Wilczyński "Wolf" and handed over his dramas to the auction for "Malta", which took place during the festival at the Liberty Square in Poznań.

Remembering the unforgiving master reminds us of the text that was in his book

... I did not take into consideration that although the world is transforming into our hands and changing forms of coexistence fall behind. I thought that people needed examples, just like seafarers heroism of the sea. I tried to be ahead, to generate enthusiasm and energy, emphase, but I lacked the sense of time.

Michał Merczyński and the Malta Festival Poznań team
August 20, 2017