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16 - 25/06/2017

Yesterday, August 7, 2017, Robert Sankowski - music journalist "Gazeta Wyborcza" left. He also collaborated with "Teraz Rock", "Wysokie Obcasami" magazine, Onet.pl portal, Radio "TOK FM" and TVP Kultura. For more than 20 years, he has tasted the musical tastes of the readers, kept tabloid news, reviewed concerts and festivals, was a juror on the jargon "Rytmach Młodych". He has visited Malta Festival Poznań many times. during events such as Faith No More, Portishead and Kratfwerk. His latest Maltese announcement was about the Laibach band, whose concert due to progressive illness, Robert Sankowski could not appear.

Monumental music, square marching rhythms, concerts resembling a little political rally, and some pagan rituals, videoclips inspired by the Nazi cinema - Laibach follows the opinion of an ambiguous group balancing on the border behind provocateur flirt with image to transform into a sinister ideology . It took a while before the world became accustomed to the artistic vision of the band and recognized Laibach as one of the precursors of industrialism. - Robert Sankowski, "Gazeta Wyborcza"

As Jacek Świąder remembers, editor Robert Sankowski: "His texts were stories. The others added: "Robert Sankowski had the knowledge, irony, sense of humor and a lot of distance, he was smart and smart, and at the same time kindhearted." (Andrzej Cała "Noisey"). A few days before his death, he wrote to the editorial office of Gazeta Wyborcza: "Now I am a couple of days in hospital, I have nothing to do We would like to write something about it. "The last text was the Offensive 2017 announcement. We are very sorry to say that Robert Sankowski, who was also very important for us and whose musical discoveries we have always followed. "I hope he got the best music on the other side."