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16 - 25/06/2017

Malta Festival Poznan has been organised every year since 1991. On 27 June 2015 during the finale of the 25th edition of the Festival we announced the themes of the three upcoming editions of the festival and their curators.

To recap:
2016 - Idiom: The Paradox of the Spectator,
curator: Lotte van den Berg
2017 - Idiom: The Balkans Platform,
curators: Goran Injac and Oliver Frljić
2018 - Idiom: The Leap of Faith,
curator: Jan Lauwers & Needcompany

This year Malta Festival Poznan, which will take place from 16 to 25 June 2017 in Poznan, will be centred around the Idiom: The Balkans Platform. It has been prepared by a duo of curators, who have chosen artistic projects related to the complicated cultural, political and geographical phenomenon that is the Balkans. The featured performances shall include the already announced “Turbofolk” by Oliver Frljic and “The Republic of Slovenia” by The Mladinsko Theatre.
As a non-governmental organisation Malta Foundation is co-financed by state authorities and local government sources.

In 2016 the foundation received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National heritage (the “Theatre and Dance” priority) and signed a three-year contract for the amount of PLN 300 000 annually (2016 – PLN 300 000; 2017 – PLN 300 000; 2018 – PLN 300 000). The grant has been awarded basing on the above-mentioned program (which includes the description of the idiom themes, names and bios of the curators and the proposed program activities) of the three subsequent editions and an annually submitted revision of the estimated cost and festival program. Malta Foundation has fulfilled all formalities necessary for the signing of the revision regarding this year’s edition.

In 2017 Malta Foundation received a subsidy in a competition organised by Poznan City Hall
(for cultural and artistic activity) and we signed a two-year contract for the amount of PLN 2 630 000 annually (2017 – PLN 2 630 000; 2018 – PLN 2 630 000) basing on the above-mentioned program of the two subsequent editions. Currently the Malta Foundation team is working on the total budget of this year’s edition. The total sum of the Malta Festival Poznan 2016 budget amounted to PLN 5 mln.

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