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16 - 25/06/2017

  • Critical Practice is a group of artists, theorists, practitioners and writers that is devoted to initiating critical discussion and collective knowledge production at performing arts festivals and events. For Malta Festival we are proposing two different forms of engagement: working group sessions and production of podcasts.

    Working Group on Collective Critical Practices
    This series of meetings invites attendees of the festival, both members of the audience and artists, to sign up for our working sessions that will take place the day after selected performances. Focusing on a select theme inspired by the performance, the working group will facilitate performance analysis sessions and organize debates to develop critical discourse in the intersection of dance studies, performance theory, and dramaturgy.

    Performances the working sessions will focus on:

    23.06: Je, Laurent Chetouane
    24.06: Nobody’s Business doing Nobody's Dance; Walk + Talk; Turbofolk
    25.06: Think Tank Choregoraficzny; Walk + Talk