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16 - 25/06/2017

  • Seven artists and sociocultural animators, and three local communities of people at risk of exclusion try to get through the wall by engaging in dialogue. Not an easy task. The dialogue is between people whose professions and personal beliefs tend to frustrate everyday interaction. In the course of artistic work, stereotypical confrontations are challenged or reinforced. The space is shared between a priest and an artist, members of the Islamic community and non-heteronormative people.

  • artists: Anna Adamowicz, Krystian Daszkowski, Michał Knychaus, Urszula Lucińska, Zofia Michalik, Tomasz Puchalski, Izabela Sitarska
    curator: Agnieszka Różyńska
    coordination:Ola Juchacz
    facilitator: Robert Ogurkis
    meritorical consultant: Joanna Pańczak
    producer: Gniewko Falana
    production: Fundacja Malta