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16 - 25/06/2017

rys. Zofia Nierodzińska
Galleryrys. Zofia Nierodzińska
  • The wall will become a sound installation made from the voices of migrants. Our interlocutors have been recording for several months in their native languages. Each story is a crack in the wall, deconstructing the silence of the powers that be. The installation is a live archive, a testimony of roads travelled and an experience of polyphony. We want the voices to do what bodies often can not: travel without a passport and create opportunities to discover.

    idea: Zofia Nierodzińska, montaż dźwięku: Anna Szamotuła, przygotowanie techniczne: Jakub Korytowski, realizacja: Ola Juchacz, Agata Kochaniewicz, Jędrzej Kucznerowicz, Zofia Nierodzińska, Robert Rydzewski, partnerzy: Migrant Info Point, Singa Deutschland.