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16 - 25/06/2017

rys. Natalia Lizama
Galleryrys. Natalia Lizama
  • The book In Our Own Words is a collection of testimonies by women who, for various reasons, decided to leave their countries. The discrimination they experienced at different stages of their journeys is a starting point for talking about women's rights in the context of human rights and the political asylum process. Rita Baum’s formula of reading in the dark immerses the audience in the stories using only their sense of hearing. The reading will be followed by a meeting with the authors. Director: Andrzej Ficowski.

    The problem of vacant buildings in Poznań is growing at a similar rate to the migration crisis in Europe. How should we perceive abandoned premises in light of the lack of room for newcomers? In several abandoned spaces we will use various media to confront the audience with the issues of migrant acclimatisation and/or its (un)likelihood. We will talk about housing and homelessness, the problems of employment and the openness needed to make the stranger familiar.