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16 - 25/06/2017

  • We will begin activities around the wall with a conversation (not necessarily verbal). A group of comic book artists will illustrate things and work with dialogues to draw a negotiating situation on the 30-meter wall. Their task is to create a framework for communication, to outline a shared concept of what community is and how we can negotiate its presence. What the artists start in black and white will be filled with colour by the festival participants and passers-by.

    Idea: Ola Juchacz, Joanna Pańczak, Agnieszka Różyńska.

    16.06, 12:00 / Alicja Biała, Ahmed Goldstein, Olga Wróbel

    20.06, 11:00 / Justyna Dziabaszewska, Katarzyna Kaczor

    25.06, 14:00 / Gosia Bartosik


    A wall is to be erected in Wolności Square: a radical space for negotiating liberty, an attempt at dealing with unacceptable facts. Around the wall, in front of it, behind it and inside it, we will collect tales, and initiate conversations and interactions. The goal of this year's Generator Malta is to understand conflict, of which a wall is the most obvious visualization. A wall is usually where negotiations end, but we will try to use our wall to begin them. By building a wall, we want to understand why walls are created, so that we can quickly take them down.