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16 - 25/06/2017

photo Daniel Goraj
Galleryphoto Daniel Goraj
  • Can an activity as mundane as a walk help us experience the city and its institutions in a different way? A series of excursions will be the opportunity to discuss and to look at the environment multidimensionally, both critically and affirmatively. Artists, experts and enthusiasts from various walks of life will take us on a series of expeditions to discover a new vision of the city. These loosely defined excursions will identify the various problems and possibilities that usually go unnoticed.

    KAGYUMA are four energetic women. The group was created as an experiment: an attempt to combine timbres, sensitivities and inspirations, to use the voice as an instrument by employing various vocal techniques. Their main inspirations include minimalism, jazz, Scandinavian music and ethnic music, whilst their major means of expression is the voice blended with various instruments (for instance the kalimba, tank drum and glockenspiel, as well as percussion and keyboard instruments). Kagyuma were finalists at the 37th Stage Songs Review in Wrocław.