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16 - 25/06/2017

Outer Spaces
GalleryOuter Spaces
  • They are a manifestation of rebellion or decoration. Temporary popularity of the place is the cause of their destruction. Speaking of murals, whose dumping is taking place in cities around the world, in Poznan apogee was experiencing a few years ago.

    We will walk on the mural and street art in the Old Town, we will see old works - remnants of the Epoch of the People's Republic of Poland as well as recent ones recently created.

    We will take you to a mysterious place that little one has heard and known, and is full of joyful graffiti creation. We will talk about the role of mural in shaping the image of the city, decorative functions and gentrification processes. We look inside the painted walls without stopping our eyes on superficial, colorful views. We will look critically at the phenomenon of street art, trying to break down stereotypes and images of mural.

    We will finish our journey on one of the old town walls. Italian streetcarman Mauro Palotta returns to Poznan to realize a large-scale mural at the invitation of Poznan councilors. An artist known under the pseudonym Maupal, who became famous for his paintings of Pope Francis, will finish his painting this day.

    We will finish the walk in the Malta Foundation (Ratajczaka 44, 1st floor), where you will be invited to a meeting with Mauro Pallotta (18:00) and coffee and biscuits. The meeting will be translated into Polish. Free entrance.

    Special guest: Mauro Pallotta
    Guest: Anka Adamowicz
    Moderator: Franek Sterczewski