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16 - 25/06/2017

  • Facilitators: Eleanor Bauer, Ellen Söderhult
    Documentation: Nassia Fourtouni
    Participants: Hadar Ahuvia, Eleanor Bauer, Daniil Belkin, Sonia Borkowicz, Aleksandra Borys, Alice Chauchat, Katarzyna Chmielewska, Joanna Chułek, Madalina Dan, Ewa Dziarnowska, Nassia Fourtouni, Viktorija Ilioska, Joanna Kalm, Przemek Kamiński, Valeria Khripatch, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Karolina Kraczkowska, Mor Mendel, Ania Nowak, Anna Nowicka, Ola Osowicz, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, Katarzyna Sitarz, Ellen Söderhult, Maria Stokłosa, Iza Szostak, Zofia Tomczyk, Ula Zerek

    Supported by: Institute of Music and Dance and Eastern European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP)

    Nobody´s Business is an initiative for a local and international exchange of practices and methods in the performing arts. The ambition is to facilitate non-exclusive and collective production and distribution of knowledge through shared practice and its documentation.

    Nobody’s Business exists to create space for lateral exchange, outside of the economies of workshops (wherein the information is generally unidirectional) and creations (which are usually supported via single authors and pieces). Nobody’s Business is “Nobody’s,” as a deliberate negation of the individualism that contemporary neoliberal and hyper-capitalist economic realities impose upon our lives. We want to affirm that the performing arts, movement, speech, dance, action, are all things that belong to Nobody, but rather are activated by and pass through each of us.

    Nobody’s Business has carried out week-long sessions of Nobody’s Dance and Nobody’s Indiscipline in Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Minneapolis, Santarcangelo, and Oslo.

    Nobody’s Dance is an open-source platform for the distribution and development of practical literacy in dance. Throughout the 4-day meeting, professional artists from Poland and Eastern Europe meet on equal grounds to share practical tools and knowledge. All practices shared in this meeting are going to be documented on a website, for us to begin to trace and accredit the genealogy of sources and influences within contemporary performing arts.

    The sessions are open to public viewership. Feel free to invite people to watch. Observers can stay as long as they wish.

    For more information about the initiative, its mission, and the meeting structure, visit: https://nobodysbusiness.wordpress.com