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16 - 25/06/2017

  • Stranger in Paradise is a documentary film. In Sicily, behind the walls of Europe, new migrants from Africa and Asia are attending classes to “learn” about life on the Old Continent and what their assimilation process should entail. The educator skilfully selects facts to provoke extreme responses. He tries to make the students feel ashamed, and then emphasises their legitimacy in Europe. Not for a moment is there any doubt that the relationship between the teacher and the migrants is based on power.

    Empty spaces for migrants

    The problem of vacant buildings in Poznań is growing at a similar rate to the migration crisis in Europe. How should we perceive abandoned premises in light of the lack of room for newcomers? In several abandoned spaces we will use various media to confront the audience with the issues of migrant acclimatisation and/or its (un)likelihood. We will talk about housing and homelessness, the problems of employment and the openness needed to make the stranger familiar.