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16 - 25/06/2017

  • Ostrøv reading room and workshop in collaboration with Malta Festival Poznań invite you to join us in creating a ZIN –I sleep on the left side / I sleep on the right side. To divert attention away from the already existing disputes, Ostrøv wants start a new one. And they need your help to do it. Although this method may seem facetious, it really has a long tradition – isn’t it a well known fact that when you have a headache, all you need to do is pinch your ankle really hard? Your headache will immediately become less significant.

    On the pages of the ZIN, two conflicting non-parties will confront their views with the use of drawings, graphics, texts and film stills. The ZIN will be presented and made available free of charge to the Malta Festival Poznań 2017 audience.

    Please send in your applications to: ostrov.books@gmail.com by 7 June 2017.