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16 - 25/06/2017

  • The project is inspired by a refugee life jacket found on a beach on the Greek island of Chios. During the performance, the artists and participants will make two parallel walls: a rescue wall and a warning wall. Similar to the Berlin Wall, these will create a tunnel. The resulting corridor will be so narrow that no one who passes through it will remain indifferent. Each wall will be a dynamic dialogue between a sonic and visual wave and a wave of living bodies. Pïnk, ¥ellow & Bläck are Magdalena Mellin, Hubert Wińczyk and Monika Wińczyk.

    OPEN CALL: Imagine the wall

    Imagine a wall. Who designs it? Who builds it? Who protects it? Who looks at it every day? Who maintains it? Who goes through it? Whose horizons does it obstruct? Whose does it represent? How much does it cost? Who pays the highest price? We posed these questions to artists and activists in an open call for projects aiming to traverse Wolności Square, high and wide, for and against, I and another; to turn the wall against its very self, into a space for negotiation.